The Bad Baby Dinos were re-born on the ethereum blockchain in the Land After Time in September 2021. They quickly began rebuilding the foundation of which would become the new home of the DinoFam. The Bad Baby Dinos have marked their territory in multiple metaverse platforms and gaming studios. While they continue to grow and evolve, these little guys will continue to play an important role within the DinoFam ecosystem.

The Bad Baby Dinos have donated about $100,000 to multiple children and family based charities all around the world!

The Bad Baby Dinos are the DinoFam genesis collection and are the only collection to have access to the Dino Snack Jar for the life of the collection!

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Giving back to the world is and always will be important to the DinoFam. The Bad Baby Dinos have donated $100,000 to multiple children and family based charities.

The SandBox Game

The Bad Baby Dinos established themselves within The Sandbox Game by purchasing 9 plots of land and hiring The Land Vault team to begin developing The Land After Time which includes multiple play to earn games, a digital concert/event center, an in game asset store, and an exclusive community hub.

NFT Worlds

The Bad Baby Dinos also began laying there claim within NFT Worlds by creating DinoWorld. Claiming the title of first independent playable game within the ecosystem, Dino Survival Game. In addition, developing an original, ground up custom game - DinoKart and offering play to earn WRLD token mechanics.

Dino Snack Jar

A Bad Baby Dino collection semi-passive rewards system generated by 50% of the collections trading volume commission on the secondary market.