Cave Dinos, a brand new NFT collection that will play a vital role in the DinoFam ecosystem. We now have the ability to strategically use different collections to target different demographics in the future, our cute baby dinos are growing up! Now in their early 20’s the Cave Dinos are a 10,000 piece, hand drawn pfp style NFT with incredibly creative features both familiar and never seen before in a NFT collection. Every Bad Baby Dino genesis NFT will be able to claim a Cave Dino for free for the life of the project (1 per Bad Baby Dino NFT) and in addition, we will be adding a new character to the DinoFam!


A new character will be hatching in this collection! A total of 2,223 of these new mystery characters will be available to mint May 5th, 2022! But this is not your average Dino - This new character earns 10X the $EGG token AND 2X the Passive Rewards Program rewards. On top of that, $100,000 from the mint of this bonus utility character is going directly into the Dino Snack Jar to reward our genesis holders.


Art was very important to us for this collection. We hired an artist with a degree in fine art to take our new look to the next level, while also continuing our tradition of packing as much utility into our NFTs as possible. This 10k collection has a total of 5 characters all with many custom, unique traits. Each character and trait completely hand drawn then auto generated. The logistics in managing multiple layers throughout FIVE characters is challenging to say the least but we wanted to stand out from the typical single character/image NFT collections.


Cave Dinos will have very specific utility that will not only show their individual value, but raise the value of the previous genesis Bad Baby Dino collection. Their first utility is tied to our second roadmap 3.0 announcement, $EGG token! Cave Dinos will be able to be staked for our new community token, $EGG. $EGG token will play a vital role in our ecosystem in the future and the Cave Dinos are the best way to stack as much as possible.

In addition, Cave Dinos will be the only collection that will be able to reap the benefits from our Access Pass Program Rewards. This will likely be a juicy passive reward to those who choose to participate. Learn all about it here .