The Dino Snack Jar is one of our semi-passive reward opportunities. The project has dedicated 50% of the royalties from OpenSea secondary sales, 5% of the Access Pass Program revenue, and a percentage of future minting revenue to reward community members for engaging in the project and helping us market the brand. Members can apply for rewards during Snack Jar Opening times. If approved, rewards will be sent as Matic via the Polygon network. A real reward with a real value!

This rewards program is for the genesis collection, Bad Baby Dinos, (link to BBD page) only.

How? - EITHER hold a full family set (one of each 4 characters) in your wallet OR reach Dino Legend status in our Discord. This will gain access to the application which will include marketing tasks that will need to be completed to be eligible.

When? - We do not have set time windows for Snack Jar openings however we do make announcements well in advance with time to plan.

How much? - Snacks will be determined by the total amount of NFTs held. The total snack jar at the time of openings will be divided up equally amongst approved holders only.


Stake your Bad Baby Dino or Cave Dino NFTs in our staking program and earn $EGG token! Egg is our community token of which will be used to continue to grow our brands "inside" economy. Egg token does not have any liquidity and it is not intended for any use other than DinoFam utility; Future collections, exclusive merch, in-game assets, and more!


Stake your Cave Dino NFTs and enter into an NON exclusive licensing agreement to access Our Access Pass Program Rewards (link to access pass program page). We will be allocating 70% of the Access Pass Program revenue to the approved/eligible Cave Dino NFT Holders. Rewards will be in Ethereum or Matic. More details to be announced as this nears development and launch in late June 2022.

DISCLAIMER: $EGG token is a non-liquid community token with no intended fiat value. 1 $EGG = 1 $EGG. DinoFam and partnering collaboration utility only intended.


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