Roadmap 3.0

Roadmap 1.0 & 2.0

Phase 1

Development - Generate unique, fun, creative Bad Baby Dino artwork. Create our social media accounts. Develop and launch the community Discord server. Develop and launch our own easy to use website.

Phase 2

Development of smart contracts and all backend tech in preparation for minting.

Phase 3

Presale! This limited presale will have an exclusive advantage to the main public drop. Individuals who have been whitelisted will be granted special access and given a full 24 hours to mint at their leisure. The presale minting price will only be .03 ethereum each mint with a 20 mint max per wallet.

Phase 4

Full collection public drop! Details of the public drop will remain top secret until just before drop time. Minting price will be .05 ethereum each mint with a 20 mint max per wallet. Stay active in our Discord Server and you will be one of the first to know!

Phase 5

Charity! - Upon minting 100%, we have pledged to donate at least $50,000 to a charity of our choice AND another $50,000 to a handful of other charities chosen by YOU - the Bad Baby Dino community! We all need to do our part in helping others!

Phase 6

Dino snack jar - our very own community rewards program. We have dedicated 50% of our OpenSea royalties to this community wallet. Eligible Bad Baby Dino holders will be rewarded for their engagement and commitment to the project!

Phase 7

MetaVerse & NFT Gaming - We have purchased a 3x3 plot (9 lots) of Premium Land in The SandBox Game and we have hired The Land Vault development team to build us our very own metaverse! Our metaverse will include a community center, multiple Play-To-Earn NFT games, and a life-size virtual concert venue! Your Bad Baby Dino NFT will be your ticket to all of these exclusive opportunities as well as a voting right throughout the development. Make sure you are part of our Discord Server to follow along LIVE each week

Phase 8

Dinoworld - another NFT gaming and metaverse experience on NFT worlds. Develop a custom multiplayer experience with multiple play to earn games throughout an entertaining and interactive environment